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“New Way” of doing business in the tourism industry during the pandemic – Don’t worry, you got this!

Although the whole world seems to have stopped, life didn’t stop, and the business must continue. The industry that is suffering the biggest losses in the current situation is tourism, in all its segments – hotels, catering services, agencies, airlines, etc. Below, we give you a few recommendations on how to continue running your business in the conditions that seem impossible for something like that. 

Take advantage of the moment when the entire planet is online. Be active on your social networks more than ever. If your business stopped, you didn’t!

Show your followers that you care for them by reminding them of the facilities and services you offer. Share some of the new and interesting recipes or something you are preparing for the next season. Share some interesting comments from your previous guests, recall prizes or awards, recommend books worth reading during quarantine, or open a discussion on a variety of cool topics. The options are numerous.

Educate yourself and your staff.

Now is the perfect time to educate yourself and your staff. Map where you have room for growth and development and find appropriate online learning platforms, online training, webinars, etc. Some useful educational free online materials in the HORECA industry are available at 

Adjust your cancellation policy and be transparent.

Adjust your cancellation policy for new situations, even for non-refundable bookings, and post it on your website and social networks. This shows your guests that you care about retaining your customers and that you have worked hard on a package of measures during the crisis period.

Instead of canceling, delaying is fashionable.

This is a particularly good tactic for guests who have already paid you in advance for accommodation. If you are able, you can offer a free service to the guests who agree to re-book their visit, by offering: spa treatments, massages, museums, and national park entrance cards, etc. The possibilities are numerous.

Drastic reduction of prices? No.

By reducing prices, you diminish the importance of your service and question the profitability of your HoReCa facility. What you can do is to extend the action for early booking and adjust it to your current situation. Later, you can offer a certain discount for the last-minute reservations, depending on the occupancy of your facilityAny previous promotions should not be expected to bring greater effect in the first few months after the crisis.

Show solidarity and social responsibility.

Offer your space and services to the medical staff. If necessary, you can offer your rooms and services to medical professionals who work with coronavirus patients and therefore cannot stay in their homes with their families. This will, among other things, show that you strive to be a socially responsible company in times of crisis.

During the pandemic, instead of laying off your workers, employ them to carry out delivery work.

Work on developing measures that will allow you to readily meet the end of the crisis.

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