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ASStrid on holiday: 20 autism-friendly accommodations

Encouraged by the Province of Antwerp Tourism, twenty accommodations – hotels, guest rooms, holiday homes, campsites and hostels – consciously opt for an autism-friendly welcome for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

After an on-site screening, Tourism for Autism drew up a visual step-by-step plan for them. Each plan zooms in on the return journey, the welcome, the rooms and the activities in and around the accommodation. Colour photos, maps, pictograms and short descriptions provide more clarity.

The step-by-step plan reduces stress and provides a convenient handhold before, during and after the trip. Also for family, travel companions or supervisors

In addition, the accommodation providers often offer extra service for visitors with autism.

Accommodation guide with tips

Inspiring? No doubt!

With the guide ‘ASStrid on holiday. Give guests with autism a warm welcome’ Province of Antwerp Tourism also encourages other entrepreneurs to make their accommodation (more) autism-friendly.
From small interventions in the accommodation to well thought-out communication: the manual contains dozens of – often surprisingly simple – tips for a hospitable welcome.

Fewer thresholds, more holidaymakers

Previously, twenty attractions in the province of Antwerp also opted for an autism-friendly approach.

From now on, the combination of attractions and accommodation will make truly autism-friendly holidays possible. A first for Flanders!

Removing barriers and increasing holiday participation: the province of Antwerp will continue to work enthusiastically on warm and social tourism in the coming years. Would you like to contribute? Contact staff member Threshold-free Tourism Liesbet De Wit.


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