ECVET compliant units

This unit provides knowledge and awareness about accessibility for people with disabilities and definitions for each disability presented, also giving information of how to provide/promote accessibility.

This unit provides a better understanding of abilities and positive contribution of people with disabilities.
This unit contributes to more positive attitude towards youth with disabilities and helps the youth without disabilities to understand their abilities and acknowledge ways of support for their equal participation in society.

This unit provides knowledge and awareness about stereotypes and misconceptions of people with disabilities in society and how to better see and act towards them

Accessibility by all clients is an essential element of a touristic service. In order to allow clients with disabilities to use your services you should ensure that they can access all facilities situated on the territory of the touristic place.
The Unit is providing general guidance that can be applied to various types of clients with disabilities related to entering the building, moving around the building, car parking, bathrooms, Color schemes, lighting, signage, emergency procedures and room devices.

This unit provides a better understanding on the barriers and obstacles that people with disability face, promoting limitations to access, interact and live a normal life. It also provides the correct way to assist and receive someone with a disability in a HORECA place.
Case studies on problems that usually people with disabilities faced while using HORECA services