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IO1: Mobile application for provision of accessible and reliable services to clients with disabilities in HORECA sector

  • A native Android mobile app will be developed to facilitate the self-planning, self-learning and self-assessment needs of the HORECACCESS learners.
  • The app will offer a simple, intuitive and self-explained user interface, thus removing usage stress and subsequently increasing adoptability by all types of users.
  • The app will offer a wizard-like guide to the user (including peer support), so as to help him/her through the whole youth training process, from the selection of appropriate learning content to the study mechanisms to the self-assessment.

IO2: Disability understanding guide for youth

The understanding disability guide will be used as an awareness raising material to the youth community (summer workers) towards:

  • Definitions and types of disabilities, and the likely associated access requirements of people with various disabilities
  • Awareness of positive contributions and abilities of people with a disability
  • Stereotypes and misconceptions about people with a disability
  • Disabling factors in society, including the physical and social environment
  • Barriers and obstacles that disadvantaged clients could discover due to limitations caused by the type and severity of the disability
  • Case studies on problems that usually people with disabilities faced while using HORECA services

IO3: Structured guidelines on provision of accessible and reliable services to clients with disabilities
The guidelines will include:

  • Strategies/tips “How to react/behave in case of provision of services to clients with different type of disability?”
  • Case studies (best practice examples) of existing provision of accessible and reliable services
  • Disability legislation and legal requirements for disability equality

Such innovative mobile resource does not exist on national and on EU level, and in combination with the other innovative solutions offered by the project, it will allow for an advanced knowledge in the youth non-formal education.

IO4: Handbook for in-house youth workers on conducting supervision of the non-formal learning process with summer working youth employees

  • The main purpose of the handbook will be to train in-house youth workers on conducting supervision of the non-formal training process with summer working youth employees.
  • Youth workers, youth trainers, in-house trainers – they will be directly involved during the implementation phase and will participate as advisers during the blended learning provision of the training. They will also facilitate the improvement process of the intellectual output by providing structured feedback to the developers.

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